Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Position Overview:

As an Operations and Logistics Coordinator, you will be an integral part of our team, responsible for various tasks related to managing our online shop, customer quotations, supplier relationships, stock control, and process improvement. Your role will contribute to the smooth operation of our business and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Key Responsibilities:

Main Tasks (80% of your time):

1. Process Improvement: Collaborate closely with management to identify opportunities for process enhancements and utilize your analytical and data analysis skills to create comprehensive reports.

2. Data Validation and ERP System Management: Ensure the accuracy and relevance of data within our ERP system, and other data sources.

3. Marketing Management: Take charge of our marketing strategy and activities across various social media platforms and related fields.

4. Online Shop Management: Oversee and maintain our online shop, including the coordination of marketing efforts and ensuring its seamless operation.

In addition to the previously mentioned responsibilities, as a member of our logistics team, you will also contribute to regular logistics operations, which include: 

1. Stock Control and Management: Maintain precise stock records, oversee order placements, and ensure optimal inventory levels.

2. Customer Quotations: Provide customers with accurate and comprehensive quotations that encompass both financial and technical specifications.

3. Supplier Relationship Management: Establish and nurture effective relationships with suppliers to guarantee the timely delivery of goods and services.

4. Shipment Tracking and Cost Optimization: Keep track of shipments and actively work towards optimizing importing costs.

5. Project Implementation: Be prepared to participate in the implementation of new projects as required.


- A bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Engineering, or any related field.

- Proficiency in Excel and other data analysis tools.

- Eagerness to learn and actively contribute to various projects and divisions within the organization.

- Strong multitasking skills and effective task prioritization.

- V.Good in both English and Arabic languages for clear and efficient communication.



- Family-Owned & Oriented Company: Join a company that values a supportive and family-oriented work culture.

- Health Insurance: Enjoy the benefit of health insurance coverage.

- Yearly Performance Evaluation: Receive yearly evaluations, including potential bonuses and salary increases.

- Growth Potential and Hands-On Experience: In our small company, you'll have the opportunity to gain practical experience in various business divisions.


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